Photographie Industrie Angleterre


Retour en image sur la dernière mission photo réalisée à Chester (UK) pour un groupe industriel. Une sélection de photographies à été utilisée pour la mise en page et l'édition d'un book photo dédié à cette réalisation.

Smoraud Cnim Parc Adfer 021019 5672 2
Cnim Parc Adfer 021019 5672 2

Visual Memory:
This photo book summarizes four days of photo reporting, offering a synthesis of selected photographs taken in December 2018. These include shots capturing the advanced construction phase, comparative and exterior views, interior perspectives of the boiler, initial portrait sessions, and concluding with the completed construction in September 2019. The focus of this compilation lies in determining optimal viewing angles, achieving the best visual representation, and highlighting the value of structures, equipment, and individuals involved.

Creative and Technical :
Each shot in this collection is meticulously crafted under the pursuit of optimal conditions and the best lighting for both technical precision and originality. These photographs serve as a medium to convey the overall environmental context surrounding the structure, featuring both general and detailed views of equipment, encompassing aspects such as geography, relief, and terrain. In total, these four days of photo reporting have resulted in a collection of over 600 photographs.

Human Actors :
Portraits of the staff members were captured within the office setting during various photo sessions. These portraits serve as a visual testament to the individuals who played crucial roles in bringing an industrial project to fruition...